Premium Adult Beverage Development Specialists

Intuition Spirits Group, an innovative consumer beverage company, has developed an exclusive line of proprietary, premium brands which engage two distinctly different consumers as well as product categories. The first, Pride Luxury Vodka and Pride Luxury Berry have a serious consideration of the LGBT community’s preferences. For the first time ever, the Company intends to market these ultra-premium vodkas directly to the LGBT community on a national basis. The second brand, and of equal importance, is tequila infused with orange and cinnamon and is called Ritual Tequila Elixir. Ritual’s target audience will be the 75 million general market millennial consumers with an emphasis on the shot/shooter and tequila drinker. Developing multiple products that are distinctly different by category as well as the demographic they are targeting strengthens the Companies portfolio and value within its distributor network. These progressive product lines, combined with an aggressive business model, creative marketing, and peer venerated endorsers, will provide new market penetration with the intention of generating exceptional multiple revenues and profits for the Company and its participating investors.

Development and branding of sensational 3rd product currently underway!
Stay tuned for more details!